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Design Philosophy 1

Design contains participants that run the gamut of pure production on one end and critical academia on the other. With no professional standards or barriers to entry the result is an infinite array of artifacts similarly functional-to-forgettable, beautiful-to-hyperpostconceptual committed by both master and apprentice under the vague, grey headercard of “Design”. Even as the ‘discipline of problem solving’, one problem it has yet to solve is finding itself a capable definition.
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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

The collective contextedness of online interaction.

We are accustomed to overhearing a partial conversation and the misinterpretion of the speakers’ intention that often follows due to its absence of context. In a similar way, an author’s intent in a single sentence cannot be truly parsed without having also read the surrounding sentences, paragraphs, columns or pages. Without discernment (most often following up with the speaker/author as to their real intent), these misdirected interactions generally result in confusion, hurt feelings, and humor.

One of the benefits of life online is that we should be unable to simply “bump into”, “trip over” or “mistakenly hear” things in such a way. Digital indexing is one of strict output-reflecting-input, an extreme binary function of You Get What You Pay For.

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Your Way? Right Away.

My wife and I spent two weeks travelling across southern Spain and Portugal in December. Our first time in Europe, I assumed the worst of globalized neo-liberalism as I pictured Europe as little more than (to paraphrase Homer Simpson) America Junior. It felt weird spending all this time and money simply to go someplace that was identical to here, give or take some castles the fascists couldn’t be bothered to destroy back in the ’40s. Before leaving, I joked that I would bring people back Duck Dynasty gifts from the Wal-Mart there.

Of course my cycnicism had to make apologies around.
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What do you do?

Are you a designer?
Well, no, everyone is a designer these days.
Are you a Creative?
I am a creative, but that makes me sound like I sell jewelry on Etsy.
Are you a creative professional?
Sure, but that’s more like what we call our agency’s billing person.
But isn’t the job just “Graphic Designer”?
Yeah, but I do a lot of web too so….
So you’re a web designer?
But that’s not all I do. And I really don’t want to get pigeon-holed as a code-guy.
Does that make you a ‘Webmaster’ then?
No one’s called it that in a long time. It’s more like Front-end Developer.
So you’re a front-end developer then?
Sometimes. I guess. But I do identity work and, like magazines and packaging too.
So you’re a designer?

Help Me Help You Help Me Help You

There may be two sides,
but it’s all one coin!

This is not a Seth Godin-inspired rant demanding innovation-or-death. (I’m actually growing skeptical of The Cult Of Innovation these days.) Instead, I’m writing from the perspective that its important for those of that have been around the block to help beginners 1) know what they’re getting into, so that 2) they maybe don’t have to make the same stupid mistakes we did.
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