What do you do?

Are you a designer?
Well, no, everyone is a designer these days.
Are you a Creative?
I am a creative, but that makes me sound like I sell jewelry on Etsy.
Are you a creative professional?
Sure, but that’s more like what we call our agency’s billing person.
But isn’t the job just “Graphic Designer”?
Yeah, but I do a lot of web too so….
So you’re a web designer?
But that’s not all I do. And I really don’t want to get pigeon-holed as a code-guy.
Does that make you a ‘Webmaster’ then?
No one’s called it that in a long time. It’s more like Front-end Developer.
So you’re a front-end developer then?
Sometimes. I guess. But I do identity work and, like magazines and packaging too.
So you’re a designer?