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Hood Ornament

Another thought on identity (that didnt fit into the last few articles):

When thinking of your brand versus your logo, consider the hood ornament on your car.
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Getting Trapped In Your Brand Part 2

I started earlier by comparing the way in which World Wrestling Entertainment uses branding in a really pervasive and powerfui way. In the case of the Undertaker, likely the most famous of current superstars, the WWE’s brand strategy has been wildly successful. In today’s post, I’ll focus instead on where it hasn’t worked quite so well.
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Getting Trapped In Your Brand Part 1

“Branding,” that undeniably hot buzzword on the lips of douchey marketers coast-to-coast. I suppose the word exists for a reason: contrary to sometimes popular belief, brand extends beyond your logo and brand identity and instead encompasses the entire (and entirely fictional) public persona for any fabricated entity. Don’t tell your garden-variety designer this, as branding finds its way into more than a few logo designer’s resumes (hat tip: automated HR keywording), but let’s play along for now: a logo is not a brand.
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