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Print’s Dead? Talk to your printer.

So much has been made of the death of print, going on twenty years now. Even that alone makes me want to label it as terminally ill ― its definitely not healthy, but dead is an exaggeration.
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The User’s User

Lauren McCarthy’s Social Turkers experiment draws unique attention to our concept of not just online socialization, but human quantification.

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A More Meritocratous Union

Russel Brand, socialist performer and Seth Godin, uber-Entrepreneur/capitalist both mention this as a time of “revolution”. Brand blames unsustainable inequality, while Godin as a result of the “death of the industrial age.” These are sides of the same coin, but Godin, like most free-market champions, thinks the solution is found in supercharging more of the same. He views the world as though the everyone is capable of being the next best thing by simply “choosing themselves.” Our ability to innovate (and by extension our collective innovation) will let us throw off the shackles of mediocity to operate outside the confines of traditional employer-employee relationships.

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“Ubiquitous” Access

We take for granted the access we have to not only information, but our own intellectual property. Even prior to the internet, way too many of us acknowledged the presence of physical libraries, but rarely enjoyed their resources, often out of sheer laziness or ingratitude.

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Innovation Dilemma

We enjoy more equality than many will admit, separated more by our levels of merit and achievement than our race or education. This, in many ways, has been welcome, necessary and beneficial to all concerned. Graphic Design reflects this moreso than many occupations — portfolios trump degrees in awarding positions, bedroom start-ups successfully compete against giants. A lot of attention is placed on individual innovations: Netflix reinventing home media, Amazon up-ending retail, etc. While other fields adapt to the industrial model evolving into an acute, task-oriented meritocracy from its former devotion to longevity and loyalty, designers are accustomed to the urgency of hyper-relevance.

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